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Beijing huanke petrochemical engineering technology co., LTD

Ring company focused on providing customers with high quality products and services. The company gas-solid separation technology and powder filling technology is widely used in energy, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, light industry, metallurgy, medicine, and is closely related to the national economy. Ring company has been successful for many projects provides products and services. Our company can provide customers professional packaging JiGuan loading system, dust collector, separation equipment type selection, design, production and processing. Also provides customers with other non-standard equipment design, high-speed pump, gear pump, high pressure blower, magnetic liquid seal, impeller, shaft coupling and decoupling, and high precision parts design, processing, maintenance and other services; Petrochemical, environmental protection projects provide technical advice, installation, commissioning and maintenance, driving and other services; With heat conduction oil related services.

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  • Packaging machine unit

  • The pump unit

  • Fan

  • Filling unit

  • Lubricating oil station unit

  • Bearing

  • Grain packing machine unit group

    Ability to design (1) weighing accuracy: 1000 + / - 0.08% (2 sigma), 10 package center deviation of + / - 0.2 kg or less on average. (2) the packing capacity: 36 Bag/h (1000 kg/Bag).


    Powder packing machine unit group

    Technical ability (1) weighing range: 1000 ~ 1500 kg/Bag, can change the Settings. (2) the weighing accuracy: + / - 1 ‰ (3) packing ability: 35 packages/hour (under the condition of 1100 kg/bag).

  • Wear resistant high speed pump

    High speed pump non standard design can be designed according to manufacturer\'s requirements.

  • Axial fan

    Axial-flow fans - non-standard design of the original Beijing Fan Factory and Hefei Institute of Accounting as one of the design enterprises engaged in heat treatment furnace and kiln fan design and manufacture manufacturers. Products include high tempera

  • Duplex sealing station

    Technical parameters 1: methyl silicone oil or lubricating oil 201-100 2: the pump discharge pressure: 0.6 Mpa; 3: pump flow: 8-12 l/min. 4: set

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  • Gear shaft

    The company has experienced gear professional technicians; Advanced production equipment; Strong technical force; Unique production technology; Perfect quality inspection means and a high-quality production management team. USES the domestic and foreign a


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